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Why choose BACC? About Us

DAH group is energetic team of professional form various fields who have gathered to share the knowledge of DMIT, Aptitude Test, Personality Test, Physical Test and Career Counselling for the same.

We offer inborn talent test in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai which would help you discover your hidden capabilities. We guide students, parents, guardians according to aptitude test carried out by us. Also counselling of students as well as parents through the competent counsellors about their further career paths.

We carry out DMIT test from 1 year of age there is no age bar as such and others from the standard eighth to graduate students, and adults. This institute is being running with the help of specialized health and career professionals.

Mission at DAH

  • To know yourself
  • To find inner features and qualities
  • To guide and counsel

Our mission at DAH is to invest in yourself. Whether you want to pursue a job promotion, career change, manage your own investments, or simply make better financial decisions, we have a course for you.

Inborn Talent Test in Navi Mumbai

Our Faculty

Dr. Mansi Satish More
MBBS, Mumbai

Director of S. P. More College of Hotel, Tourism & Business Studies. Special studies on Child psychology.

Mr. Anil B. Makhamale
B.com, MBA in Marketing

Student Couselling since last 10 years, Conduct more 500 different seminars for student on career guidance.

Mr. Shailesh M. Panchal
B. com, MBA in HR

Having more than 5 years experience in Finger Print Studies and conduct more than 200 career counselling program with Mr. Anil B. Makhamale.

Exceptional Service

We like to personally cater to our every student and customer, ensuring our full attention.


Customer Care

We are always available on phone, ready to resolve your queries.



We have all the necessary qualifications and certifications to run our tests.

What our customers say Client Testimonials

We value each and every customer and take your feedback very seriously. We aim to be a premier DMIT Aptitude Hub and increase our presence in India. Take a look at our customer feedback and know the difference yourself by visiting our office for a free consultation.

DMIT Test helped me immensely to know my core strengths. Now I am more focussed in my career and life.

avatar Ankita Agrawal Mumbai