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Know your intelligence Aptitude Test

An aptitude test is an exam which is used to determine an individual's propensity to succeed in a given activity. Aptitude tests assume that individuals have inherent strengths and weaknesses, and have a natural inclination toward success or failure in specific areas based on their innate characteristics. An aptitude test does not test knowledge; it is not a test for which a person can study.

Aptitude Test in Mumbai

DMIT Aptitude Hub provides the premium Aptitude Test in Mumbai, which helps in setting your future on the right path. There are many people who are talented but unfortunately lands into the wrong career. This can impact their overall confidence and personality. So, it is better to take early advancement in knowing the right potential field. DMIT Aptitude Hub helps in making clear what exactly is suitable for an individual according to his capabilities.

How does a typical aptitude test look like?
It is not uncommon to find a person who has done very well on certain skills and done poorly on others. We all probably know someone who is exceptionally smart but has poor road sense. Similarly, there are many who very good at languages but struggle with basic math.

Domains For Aptitude Test

School Students

  • Aptitude Tests for Elementary School Students
    For young elementary school students, aptitude tests are often used to gauge students' suitability for special programs, such as gifted and talented classes or for special education. Elementary school students may encounter the Modern Language Aptitude Test, for foreign language talent.
  • Aptitude Tests for Middle School Students
    Middle schoolers may take aptitude tests to qualify for gifted or special education programs, as elementary school children do. In addition, middle schoolers may see tests for career aptitudes. One of these is the Differential Aptitude Test, which tests students on verbal reasoning, numerical ability, clerical speed and accuracy, abstract reasoning, mechanical reasoning, space relations, spelling, and language usage.
  • Aptitude Tests for High School Students & XII Class students
    High school students may take aptitude tests to determine career interests and possible career paths for post-secondary education. Those who may have interests in the armed services may take the Armed Services as vocational study. Similarly, high school students may take an aptitude test when thinking about what would be an appropriate college major or whether college is the best choice for them


An Aptitude test basically tests different kinds of aptitudes which a child can have such as numerical ability, linguistic ability, spatial ability, mechanical ability, clerical ability, etc. Anyone can take this test and it helps to determine where the child’s natural aptitude lies.


In the corporate sector, Aptitude test is used to assess an employee's communication style and his ability to work within a team. Some situational judgment tests focus specifically on customer service careers. These tests analyze personality traits that are predictive of successful interaction with the public, such as empathy, diplomacy and patience. Situational judgment tests may also be used to predict future competency in sales-related careers.

Internal motivation is one of the hardest skills to come by and build for folks that don’t develop into many self-help books on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, knowing what motivates you is something you need to know before you can use your strengths best. Once you have your rocket fuel in place, you’re able to blaze a trail along the tracks to finding what really matters inside to you most.

How will you improve aptitude test?
Remember! Aptitude is the ability to perform a task and not the talent you have. And ability,unlike talent, can be improved. This is how we will counsel you to improve on your certain skill in which you are lacking or willing to improve.