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The most advanced intelligence test DMIT

To know the latent potential of a human brain and its functioning has always made curious one and all. Here is a scientific technology that analyses fingerprints and decodes the inborn potential, personality type, learning style, multiple intelligence and career preferences of an individual. Interesting, isn’t it?

Dermatoglyphic multiple intelligence test which is abbreviated as DMIT, is a scientific way of fingerprint analysis which is derived from ancient greek word ‘derma’ meaning skin and ‘glyph’ meaning carving. It is a proven scientific method to decode the brain’s potential and talent through the physical formation of fingerprints, which is linked to brain development. It is neither a palmistry nor any assumption.
Dermtoglyphics is a professional industry that combines neurobiology, genetic brain science and embryology coupled with clinical studies.

DMIT is scientifically proven test , according to a medical research, fingerprints are formed between 13th and 19th week of an embryo, a period where the brain development and dermal ridge grow simultaneously. Thus there is a direct correlation between the fingerprints and brain development. With the help of DMIT, one can explore a person’s direction of interest and area of strength. It assesses the following major areas:

  • Intrinsic potential
  • Brain Dominance – Left brain or Right Brain
  • Multiple Intelligence Distribution
  • Personality types
  • Dominant & Preferred Learning Styles (visual, audio, kinesthetic)
  • Learning Communication Character
  • Quotient Distribution (EQ, IQ , CQ, AQ)
  • Innate Work Management style
  • Relationship compatibility

Why only DMIT is more accurate than other Personality Assessments?
Different from other profile test/assessment that requires a series of questions, the fingerprints analysis does not require questions or interviews due to it only demands for an observance on a person’s fingerprints therefore the results shall not be influenced by a person’s psychological condition, such as mood swings, lies, manipulation of answers and other similar conditions.

  • The individuals are able to become aware on the various areas within their Brains that are either under emphasized or over emphasized.
  • Parents can comprehend their child’s natural personality and apply the right learning methods.
  • In this way, stress and conflicts that may last for the entire lifetime can be easily avoided.
  • The teachers can understand the abilities of every child and effectively communicate with the parents.
  • Schools can set up multiple intelligence databases and segregate the children in various classes depending on their capabilities.
  • Companies can choose candidates with the right capabilities and facilitate improved communication channels within the organizations. The management can implement improved Human Resource Strategies that are based on the traits exhibited by the employees.
  • Understanding the habitual patterns in certain relationships.

DMIT Benefits for Your Child

  • DMIT helps you in knowing the inborn abilities and learning style of your child. One can determine the hidden talents that he/she possess, and appreciate his/her inborn characteristics.
  • DMIT helps parents in understanding their child better and also helps them in communicating in a much more effective way.
  • The parents can explore the natural capacities as well as the nature of the child, which helps them in offering the child with the learning habits which suits the child’s capacities.
  • DMIT test helps in discovering the child’s brain which can help the parents in supporting the weak areas of the child.

DMIT Benefits for Adults

  • As effective this test is for school-going children, it is much more effective for adults. After the DMIT test has taken place, one gets a report of the individual characteristics with guidelines on how to attain more success in life.
  • It helps in understanding the true capacity of one, in order to get effective results.
  • One can thoroughly understand one’s personality easily with DMIT.
  • The test provides you with a complete report on Creative Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Intelligence Quotient, Adversity Quotient which can help in developing a person in professional as well as personal life.
  • Intelligence includes many abilities for reasoning, problem solving, learning, planning, understanding and abstract thoughts.

DMIT Test in Mumbai

  • For attempting DMIT Test in Mumbai, there are two center one in Dadar and another in Navi Mumbai.
  • DMIT Aptitude Hub have the necessary certifications to carry out this test.
  • The best qualified faculty, provides the perfect guidance.